DIY Geodesic Growdome

This page tells you what to expect in my ebook, The DIY Geodesic Growdome.

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The DIY Geodesic Growdome

Mostly I just love food. It amazes me when I go to a shop and see the prices – how can people produce food so cheaply? If you have ever tried to grow your own food you know it takes a lot of work to germinate the seeds, nurture the young plants with warmth, water and light and then grow them on in a sometimes inhospitable environment full of slugs and snails and inclement and unpredictable weather.

Economies of scale is one answer to the above question and the food you see in shops is mass produced, mostly with the aid of chemicals, and grown on soil which has had its mineral content so depleted that the resulting food is virtually nutritionally useless.

For someone who wants whole food and enjoys the contact with nature that this gives, a growing greenhouse is essential given the weather in the UK. So this little book charts my journey into making my own perfect greenhouse / growdome – a two-frequency, hemispherical icosahedron – with full instructions on how to make one for yourself. My growdome, pictured above, is into its third year of providing me with delicious food, fresh from the garden.

As the food we are offered in shops becomes toxic, one solution is to start growing food at home and this has great rewards at every level. Even if you just have a windowsill you can still supplement your diet with nutritionally rich, wholesome and delicious food.

This fifty page ebook – with 85 full-colour photos and pictures – gives you full instuctions on how to build the domes and models shown on this website. These are:

  • a basic cardboard icosahedron model
  • a five-eighths icosahedron growdome made from hazel sticks and polytunnel lining
  • a three-frequency icosahedron model made from drinking straws
  • a three-frequency growdome made from bamboo and recycled hosepipe
  • a two-frequency icosahedron model made from drinking straws
  • a two-frequency hemisphere greenhouse made from treated timber and polytunnel lining

DIY growdome bookThe DIY Geodesic Growdome offers you some useful ways to think about growing more food for you and your family at home, without toxic fertilisers and weed killers. Growing your own food in a home-made greenhouse is deeply satisfying. Not only does freshly harvested food taste delicious beyond anything you can buy, but the act of growing itself puts you in touch with nature. And nature wants you back.

The DIY Geodesic Growdome in paperback from for £5.99

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