GeoDome-Northern Homestead

This dome is a real beauty although the wood cutting might take some time. I particularly like the way the builders, Jakob and Anna Esau, have eliminated the need for connectors by jointing the struts directly.


Northern Homestead GeoDome

From their website: “When it comes to gardening in colder climates, a greenhouse is almost a must have. It extends the growing season and gives the plants a lot more heat. With a greenhouse, we can actually pick ripe tomatoes here and grow some plants that we would not be able to without one. A greenhouse can also be a great place to hang out on those cool spring days and summer nights. When we started to look out for one to build, our expectations were very high. In a northern garden we have to deal with frost, nasty winds and hail, and also loads of snow in the winter. Our days in spring and fall don’t have much direct sunlight so we need to catch every sunbeam we can. Plus, we live in town and the greenhouse in our small back yard needed to be somehow catchy. In our research we came across the GeoDome greenhouse:”

The builders have provided extensive information on how to make this dome and you will even find a free ‘how to’ ebook on their site at:

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